afeedprocessorA simple Python framework for RSS feeds processing9 years
beamer-viewerA LaTeX-Beamer double-width PDF presentation viewer4 months
closet_rod_socket3D model to fix something.5 years
desktop-utilitiesDesktop utility scripts7 years
diffusion[ARCHIVED 2014] A minimalist websocket multi-channel broadcast server in Go9 years
echoclipA web tool to record and play back audio clips
esieequest[ARCHIVED 2014] Point and click adventure game made with Java and Google Web Too...9 years
eximExim mail server sane configuration template4 years
flaky-utilsAdditional flake utils for convenience.8 months
foldaweb[ARCHIVED 2013] A static website generator based on block override9 years
fpga-home-automation[ARCHIVED 2014] A home automation platform implemented as a digital electronic c...9 years
go-envcfg[ARCHIVED 2015] Go package providing environment variable mapping to structs9 years
go-fcmd[ARCHIVED 2013] Common file manipulation commands for Go.9 years
go-vparse[ARCHIVED 2014] A simple Go vCalendar and vCard-like file parser9 years
gziplike[ARCHIVED 2018] A toy implementation of a simple gzip-like LZSS text compressor ...6 years
io-slides-remote[ARCHIVED 2014] Automatically exported from years
jacoco-viewer[ARCHIVED 2018] An in-browser code coverage report viewer accepting JaCoCo XML r...5 years
java-lemonad[ARCHIVED 2019] A Java library providing minimal and composable monads for commo...5 years
labviewplayer[ARCHIVED 2014] A silly MusicXML/MIDI player made with LabVIEW which plays music...9 years
ldgalleryA static web gallery generator with tags12 months
markdown-course-websiteExample of course website written in Markdown and published through GitLab Pages9 months
maze-solver[ARCHIVED 2016] A multi-strategy maze solver simulator written in Java8 years
mempager-simulator[ARCHIVED 2017] Simple memory paging strategy simulator made with Python6 years
minibay[ARCHIVED 2015] MiniBay dummy auction platform built with Scala and Play Framewo...9 years
morpher[ARCHIVED 2017] Morphing animation generator based on Delaunay triangulations. W...6 years
museduino[ARCHIVED 2015] Real-time audio transformer that plays an extracted melody back ...9 years
ninja[ARCHIVED] A fully featured content authoring tool to deploy HTML5 web applicati...9 years
ninja-go-local-cloud[ARCHIVED 2015] A local WebDAV-like server to be used with the Ninja HTML5 anima...9 years
pandoc-filter-plantumlA Pandoc AST filter rendering PlantUML code blocks into vector diagrams.2 years
pirate-party-coasterA coaster featuring the Pirate Party logo8 years
seam-stitcher[ARCHIVED 2015] A simple liquid image rescaling program written in Java9 years
server-utilities[ARCHIVED 2017] Server utility scripts7 years
ssh-hardened[ARCHIVED 2016] SSH hardened configuration7 years
staticweb[ARCHIVED 2013] A multi-domain flat files web server.9 years
tabletop-spool-holderA parametric tabletop spool holder8 years
tabletop-tablet-stand3D-printed table stand parts5 years
tincappAndroid binding and user interface for the tinc mesh VPN daemon6 months
tpc-compiler[ARCHIVED 2017] A compiler for a C-like programming language built using the old...6 years
uge_l2_rdbms_python_proto[ARCHIVED 2022] UGE / L2 / RDBMS Python project prototype
urm[ARCHIVED 2017] An abstract Unlimited Register Machine simulator implemented in ...6 years
vi7-rootChuwi Vi7 ADB rooting script9 years
wallj[ARCHIVED 2017] A 2D puzzle game in which the player uses bombs to push garbage ...6 years
webcastor[ARCHIVED 2014] A simple websocket broadcaster in NodeJS9 years
whatsthepoint[ARCHIVED 2014] What's The Point? Web presentation viewer9 years
wikistats[ARCHIVED 2015] Wikipedia contribution statistics aggregator written in Python9 years
xblast[ARCHIVED 2016] A network multiplayer Bomberman-like game written in Java2 years