A feed processor

A feed processor is a simple Python framework for RSS feeds processing, providing classes with overridable methods for easy alteration.

It includes a feed parser, which parses RSS[0.90:2.0], Atom[0.3:1.0] and CDF feeds into Python objects.


A feed processor can be used to programmatically remove advertisements from RSS feeds for instance.

Since it is written in Python, this framework can be embedded in a scriptable RSS reader or used to make short CGI proxy scripts.


The file example.py contains an example of a custom feed processor which performs light modifications on a public RSS feed.


A feed processor is written in Python 3 and depends on PyRSS2Gen and feedparser, which are both available as pip and distros packages.


A feed processor is a free software distributed under the terms of the provided GNU Affero General Public License.

TODO list

  • [x] add an example
  • [ ] add some documentation
  • [ ] make a pip package
  • [ ] make distros packages?